Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How to triple dip (Save 3 times) on almost all Online Purchases

Let me share with you the secret of saving 3 times (triple dip) on almost all online purchases.

Let’s take an example of JC Penney. We will see how to buy something from JC Penney worth $100 for $80 or less. That is in addition to all the coupons applied.

Step 1) Sign-up for accounts. This is only the first time you will need to do this.

Sign up for TopCashback which is a cashback site.
Sign up for Raise.com to buy discounted gift cards.
Sign up for Ebates to get double cash back.

Step 2) From your Topcashback account, search for and go to Raise.com and buy a $100 JC Penney gift card which usually sells for $93 or less. Use a cashback credit card for this purchase, (eg. Citi Double Cash). You will also get 2% cash back on Topcashback when you click through them and buy the card.

Step 3) Open your Ebates account Topcashback and search for JC penney. See who is paying higher cashback on that day and click and go to JC Penney through them and complete your purchase as you would normally. Normally, you would get at least 10% cashback on JC penney.

Let’s see the total savings

·        Item price after all the coupons and discounts applied = $100
·        Topcashback cash back for gift card purchase through raise = $2
·        Citi Double cash credit card cash back = $2
·        Savings at Raise = $7  ($100-$93)
·        Cash back for JC penney purchase at raise/topcashback = $10 (10% of $100)

Total out of Pocket = $100-$7-$2-$2-$10 = $79

You saved $21 in this example by buying the same product from the same store. Raise, Ebates and Topcashback often have deals from time to time so your savings can be even bigger than this.

I know this is a lot of information and can be highly confusing for first timers. Let me know in comments if you have any questions.